• PROGRAM: Housing, Roof extension on the 13th . SIZE: 250 M2 . LOCATION: Beirut, Achrafieh, LB . CLIENT: Private . STATUS: Built . TIME: 2012 - 2015
  • A macrocosm unfolds at our feet. Highways, industries, schools, blocks, Hippodrome. In Beirut roofs are inhabited, private or shared, terraces or technical roofs. The flat roof on which is the extension, had to host water tanks. To make it habitable, a volume rises and contains this water in a common tank. The imposing mineral monolith orient the project towards the open panorama of the city. With its double orientation, this last floor becomes super transparent, open and ventilated, but still away from eye sights and the city turmoil.

    The project is strongly constrained by the structure and technical shafts of the irregular lower floors. Three cores articulates the project by defining clean and rational spaces. Circulation, kitchen and bathrooms. Free from partitions, at the 13th floor we wander between inside and outside always between a core and another.

    Privileged but at the same time belonging to the city, this last floor echoes Beirut with a similar brutality. The materiality is raw, stripped of all artifice. They are the most commonly used in the Lebanese construction but also try to reinterpret the "local taste". For example, the floor is made out of crushed white recuperated marble instead of the standard continuous rectangular marble flooring.
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    Architect: Frédéric Karam . Photos: Ieva Saudargaité
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  • NOTAN OFFICE is a Brussels based architecture and urban design practice. It relies on temporary associations between Frederic Karam and other architects, landscape architects, artists, urban planners, and more technical advisors. The idea is to adapt to every project that demands different knowhows and expertise; relying on this network to reinvent itself through every collaboration, each project taken from scratch, with new inputs for each contexts in attempts to find coherent answers with given budgets, contexts and geographical locations.


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    COLLABORATORS:  Tommaso Asso, Arthur Wery, Isis Desmaison.
    PAST COLLABORATORS: Zyad Belhaj, Sara Lapinska.